Mãe de Deus Hospital
Caring for people is in our DNA.

Established in 1979, Mãe de Deus* Hospital is among the fastest-growing private health institutions in Brazil, standing out for its excellence in hospital quality and technology. With a team of highly qualified clinical staff, specialized physicians, and the best health care technology, Mãe de Deus is publicly acknowledged for the quality of the medical services it provides in the city of Porto Alegre.

In its little more than 32 years of activities, Mãe de Deus stands out as a new generation of hospitals in constant evolution that,with specialties that progress at the speed of the the scientific developments made in medicine.
With a vocation for innovation, and entirely focused on the pursuit of the best life solution for its patients, Mãe de Deus Hospital is a reference in hospital medical care for foreign and domestic patients. The team comprises doctors, nurses, administrative and support staff trained to assist people who seek safe, comfortable health solutions in Brazil.

“Mãe de Deus” is Portuguese for “Mother of God”